Healing the Land through...


BayScapes promote environmentally-friendly landscapes at homes, businesses and public spaces that create wildlife habitat, conserve water and prevent pollution – for the benefit and restoration of the Chesapeake Bay. BayScaping advocates a “holistic” approach to landscaping through principles inspired by relationships in the natural environment.


Bayscapes utilize native plants which have adapted to local conditions, thus requiring less watering and fertilizer.

The Alliance developed BayScapes as a conservation landscaping program to for the Bay watershed nearly 20 years ago. The BayScapes program is conducted in partnership with the US Fish & Wildlife Service through workshops, literature, demonstration gardens, and an online native plant guide.  CCLC_logoColor-webThe Alliance along with like-minded partners formed the watershed-wide Chesapeake Conservation Landscaping Council (CCLC) and subsequent conservation landscaping standards. As a result of its success, the BayScapes program has now been transferred to other watersheds outside of the Chesapeake Bay region.