Day 11: Parker’s Island to Nandua Creek

The day started with some logistical challenges with Ricky being ferried to Onancock while the paddlers, Cindy,Karen and I got an early jump to take advantage of calm winds and to get away from the bugs. By the time the gear boat caught up to us from running their errands it was 10:30 and we had been paddling for a couple of hours. The wind had been forecasted to be out of the south at 5 to 10 mph shifted out of the SW and rose steadily to 15 to 20 mph within the hour. This southwest direction allowed the wind to create large swells over a very long fetch and soon we were fighting 2 to 3 ft swells.

It was useless trying to paddle against all that and we decided to make for the nearest creek, Nandua hoping to find shelter from the wind. Once in it was clear that the wind wasn’t subsiding. It was at about this point that I made the decision to end the trip, with the grim prospects of making any way against the wind and no suitable camping destination our plan shifted to one of trying to locate a landing area with a boat ramp.

We pulled into a private community, Cedar View where there was a sand beach and a small boat ramp. The folks there were very accommodating and offered to take me to Cape Charles to pick up the truck and trailer. The locals stopped by to hear about the trip while the others were waiting for me to return.

It was not a hard decision to pull out of the trip 20 miles shy of the destination as the destination was not the ultimate goal, connecting with the waters and the people of the bay was and this was accomplished in spades. I will expand on this later but know that all is well and safe.

One Response to “Day 11: Parker’s Island to Nandua Creek”

  1. Paul Etgen says:

    We are very proud of you brother. You have inspired many with your sojourn. I just hope you get plenty of rest before “Creek Weekend”.