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Toolkits & Guidebooks

Toolkits & Guidebooks

The Alliance translates technical or complex information on watershed issues into easy-to-understand toolkits and guidebooks for lay audiences. These products range from “do-it-yourself” guides to publications that provide general advice and direction in working with professionals from various fields of expertise.


BayScaping to Conserve Water – A Homeowner’s Guide PDF (205.8 kb) – In some households as much as 40 percent of the water used each month finds its way into the landscape, so future fresh water supplies depend upon wise outdoor water use. (Tool)

BayScapes for Wildlife Habitat – A Homeowner’s Guide PDF (171.5 kb) – Forests and open spaces are rapidly giving way to development, to accommodate a growing number of people in the Bay watershed. Whether converted to businesses, shopping malls or houses, the results remain the same: natural habitat is destroyed and species diversity is lost. (Tool)

Using Beneficial Plants – A Homeowner’s Guide PDF (70.8 kb) – Beneficial plants are plants that require minimal maintenance-such as trimming, watering and fertilizer or pesticide applications-because they are well adapted to local climate and soil types. (Tool)

BayScaping for the Long Term – A Homeowner’s Guide PDF (185.5 kb) – Most of us don’t realize how daily landscape maintenance decisions affect the surrounding environment. The impacts of landscape decisions reach far beyond individual property lines, however. (Tool)

Beneficial Plants – for BayScaping in the Chesapeake Bay Region PDF (219.0 kb) – BayScapes are environmentally sound  landscapes benefiting people, wildlife, the  Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. Use this  Beneficial Plants list in conjunction with the  BayScapes Homeowners Guides. (Tool)

Conservation Landscaping – A BayScapes Homeowner’s Guide PDF (187.3 kb) – Conservation landscaping promotes landscaping management that works with nature to reduce pollution and enhance wildlife habitat. (Tool)

Creating Landscape Diversity – A Homeowner’s Guide PDF (172.6 kb) – We generally consider the forests, fields, farms and wetlands when describing this watershed, but rarely do we think to include the urban and metropolitan areas falling within its boundaries. (Tool)

A Homeowner’s Guide to Designing Your Property PDF (1.1 MB) – This guide is designed to help you implement the concepts of BayScaping in your own yard.
The enlargements on the inside pages show plant types and quantities for different areas of the  property. The back page features a plant list for you to use to install this design. (Tool)

Integrated Pest Management – A Homeowner’s Guide PDF (177.6 kb) – Integrated Pest Management (IPM), as the name implies, is the integration of various management strategies-including biological, cultural and chemical methods-into a comprehensive program of pest control for the home landscape (Tool)

Citizen Water Quality Monitoring Resources

Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Manual PDF (283.3 kb) – This manual was prepared to assist volunteers performing chemical water quality monitoring throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed. The manual includes background material and instructions for measuring air and water temperature, dissolved oxygen, salinity, water clarity and pH. A sample data sheet is included as well. (Tool)

Cheat Sheet to Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Manual PDF (160.2 kb) – This 20-page “Cheat Sheet” was prepared to serve as an accompaniment to the Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Manual. Monitoring instructions are shortened in bulleted steps. (Tool)

Standard Monitoring Data Sheet PDF (89.1 kb) – This standard field datasheet assists citizen monitors with providing water quality information to ACB. When completed, the information is used to provide the general public with a better understanding of local water quality conditions. In addition to standard monitoring, this data sheet can be used for bacterial monitoring and Hydrolab readings. (Tool)

Site Documentation Form PDF (49.6 kb) – This form is used to document site information for inclusion in the volunteer water quality monitoring database. (Tool)

Monitor Information Sheet PDF (7.0 kb) – This form is used to document all of the monitors associated with each monitoring site. (Tool)

Community Watershed Forums

Community Watershed Forums: A Planner’s Guide PDF (1.4 MB) – This guide is designed to help those interested in conducting their own community watershed forums. (Tool)

Guidelines for Natural Stream Channel Design in Pennsylvania

Guidelines for Natural Stream Channel Design in Pennsylvania PDF (1.6 MB) – Complete publication that discusses natural stream channel design. (Tool)